Installation Instructions Version 3.0 requires at least version 4.10 of GZDoom.

For version 3.0 of the TC, installation is simple - Download the .zip and extract the 'Wolf3D.ipk3' file to wherever you keep your Doom IWAD files (usually inside the GZDoom folder). Once that's done, run GZDoom, and you will be able to select 'Wolfenstein 3D TC' from the IWAD selection box.

This version also requires that you place the GAMEMAPS file(s) from your original Wolfenstein 3D or Spear of Destiny installation into the same folder as the 'Wolf3D.ipk3' file in order to access the full set of levels. Without these files, you will be limited to the Shareware episode of Wolf3D and the two-level demo of Spear of Destiny.

The instructions below apply to version 2.0 and older of the TC.

This TC requires at least version 2.7.0 of ZDoom.
1. Open the .zip file that you downloaded here, and drag the 'Wolfenstein 3D TC' folder into your ZDoom folder, so that your directory structure looks similar to 'C:\Games\ZDoom\Wolfenstein 3D TC'.
2. Navigate to the newly-unzipped 'Wolfenstein 3D TC' folder and double-click 'Wolf3D.bat', 'SoD.bat', or 'Consolidated TC.bat', depending on which game you want to play.

The .bat file will automatically create a copy of your current ZDoom .ini file that will be used by the TC.
You can modify the path in the .bat files if your .ini isn't automatically found.
The TC-specific .cfg settings will be applied to this .ini file only, so that custom settings will not overwrite your regular game settings.
Notes: You can use any IWAD with this TC, however, you may end up with some odd colors in areas. The TC will run by itself with no additional IWAD information, but you may be unable to run PWADs if the resources are unavailable.

If you don't want to use the .cfg file, are uncomfortable running strange .bat files on your computer, or are a Linux user, something similar to the following commands should duplicate the .bat file for you:
First, copy your zdoom-USERNAME.ini to Wolf3D.ini
Run zdoom -config Wolf3D.ini +exec Wolf3D.cfg -file Wolf3D.pk3
Be sure to include the path to each file.

Some examples:
$ cp ~/.zdoom/zdoom.ini ~/.zdoom/Wolf3D.ini
$ zdoom -config ~/.zdoom/Wolf3D.ini +exec ~/.zdoom/Wolf3D.cfg -file ~/.zdoom/Wolf3D.pk3

Windows/DOS Command Prompt:
copy zdoom-MyName.ini Wolf3D.ini
zdoom -config Wolf3D.ini +exec Wolf3D_Demo\Wolf3D.cfg -file Wolf3D_Demo\Wolf3D.pk3