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The changelog below is out of date; please visit the GitHub site to view new changes.
Don't expect to see much - I'm only making bugfix updates as new GZDoom versions are released.

2013-09-22 / 11:57:17 - Revision 110:

  • Renamed ammo pouch sprite to deconflict with Doom
  • Added exploding barrel sprites/definitions
  • Modified SBarInfo.txt to allow scaling of any weapon icons for cross-mod compatibility
  • Changed secret counting from sector-based to item pickup-based
    -- Updated pushwall marker item to ensure each secret has is unique
    -- Re-converted all maps for new change
  • Updated string variable in A_Drop function to deconflict with new DropItem function

2013-08-03 / 15:39:03 - Revision 109:

  • Reversed movement direction of N/S doors and adjusted texture definitions accordingly
  • Removed dimamount and dimcolor settings from .cfg files, since they are defined in MapInfo.txt now. This allowed me to remove the Wolf3D_SoD.cfg file
  • Added automap labels to Language.txt
  • Added and implemented custom map arrow (knife.txt)
  • MapToWad.exe: Added recognition for multiplayer starts and TC-specific items
  • Added TC.wmc WDC map definition file for the TC that contains definitions for multiplayer starts and some TC-specific items

2013-07-29 / 18:42:58 - Revision 108:

  • Fixed missing state in weapon ranging jumps
  • Tweaked map icons to accommodate new ZDoom builds that have the feature included already if am_cheats >= 2
  • Added A_Stop to patrolling enemies' attack states to keep them from gliding when stopping
  • Reworked rockets and fireballs to have generic versions that are inherited
  • Cleaned up zero-duration states to use "####" # as the frame
  • Added test code for graphic-based fizzle effect

2013-07-13 / 21:30:28 - Revision 107:

  • Updated random number selection script to remove kludge that previously was only in place because damage modifier rolls were hardcoded
  • Began implementation of a pixelated fade script
  • Added logic so that maps not in MAPINFO don't get their ceiling textures changed
  • Updated some SpawnID numbers for TC-only objects
  • Reworked weapons to have different damage at different ranges, similar to the results of A_WolfAttack (base don Wolf3D source code)
  • Updated some offsets in Textures.txt

2013-06-29 / 10:40:10 - Revision 106:

  • Fixed missing brackets in W_DoHighScores script
  • Replaced script 903 with W_PickupAmmoBelt that allows backpack pickups that act like in the Jag/3DO/Mac ports
  • Randomized Gas/ClipBox drop as shell replacement items in Doom
  • Gave each ammo type a unique icon image for fullscreen/alt hud (instead of using pickup sprite) and standardized naming for the gas can one that already existed
  • Added weaponslot numbers to all weapons

2013-06-09 / 16:43:45 - Revision 105:

  • Fixed minor cosmetic typo in SoD .bat files
  • Tweaked some widescreen matte handling issues
  • Fixed issue with SoD player not being frozen during finale sequence

2013-06-09 / 15:23:04 - Revision 104:

  • Fixed widescreen framing for 'Get Psyched' screen
  • Added 'm_pitch 0' to .cfg/Wolf3D.cfg (eliminates vertical mouselook)

2013-06-09 / 14:33:37 - Revision 103:

  • Added check so that enemy map icons are only drawn if cheating

2013-06-09 / 13:12:00 - Revision 102:

  • Updated .bat files for new version release
  • Changed version CVAR to 2.0

2013-06-02 / 14:31:37 - Revision 101:

  • Re-worked high score checks to run on episode completion
  • Changed deathcam flag check to check before calling the script instead of in the script itself
  • Fixed error in quotation marks on episode 2 finale screen
  • Added SoD "boss"/help screen

2013-06-01 / 20:52:01 - Revision 100:

  • Added high score Name, Level, and Score CVars to CVarInfo.txt
  • Updated score screens to use CVAR values
  • Updated player final death to re-sort CVAR scores and the current score, and automatically add the current score/level/player name if the score is higher than a current high score

2013-05-30 / 20:20:15 - Revision 99:

  • Updated MenuDef.txt files to accommodate selected colors for menus if my patch is accepted to ZDoom

2013-05-30 / 18:09:36 - Revision 98:

  • Fixed finale background when loading consolidated TC
  • Fixed a ScriptWait reference that still pointed to the old script number instead of the new named script
  • Removed some extraneous finale screen drawing code

2013-05-27 / 16:07:03 - Revision 97:

  • Fixed Textures.txt entry for new sprite that was just added

2013-05-27 / 16:06:01 - Revision 96:

  • Replaced ammo belt pickup sprite with one base off of ROTT original spec

2013-05-26 / 21:56:32 - Revision 95:

  • Tweaked version number on titlemap page to diplay URL at higher resolutions
  • Tweaked SoD .bat files to emulate the original SoD.exe launcher
    -- Writes a simple powershell script if the OS supports it
    -- Fails over to less-accurately colored .bat version on older systems

2013-05-26 / 12:08:58 - Revision 94:

  • Added TC version number to title pages

2013-05-25 / 23:54:57 - Revision 93:

  • Optimized all PNG files to decrease file sizes (Gained ~2MB overall)

2013-05-25 / 23:09:57 - Revision 92:

  • Re-added Spear of Destiny's unique console background

2013-05-25 / 22:45:53 - Revision 91:

  • Cleaned up (removed) version numbers in mapinfo and gameinfo files
  • Added non-archived g_version CVar to CVarInfo.txt for future use

2013-05-25 / 21:04:54 - Revision 90:

  • Updated .cfg files to minimize redundant cvar changes that are no longer needed due to engine advancements
  • Added CVarInfo.txt to set Wolf3d-specific CVars. This may require the .cfg files to be deleted and re-added because the new mod-specific CVars will conflict with pre-existing CVars from older versions of the TC.

2013-05-22 / 20:56:23 - Revision 89:

  • Fixed Lost Episodes Spear of Destiny pickup sound
  • Added pickup sprite for Lost Episodes pistol

2013-05-20 / 20:17:18 - Revision 88:

  • Fixed typos in sound definition for Lost episodes actors
  • Updated typos in resources file in distribution .zip file

2013-05-19 / 22:08:00 - Revision 87:

  • Fixed player running in place/sliding issues
    -- Added additional states to WolfPlayer class that were inherited previously but broke player sprite animation due to Spawn state changes
  • Re-worked A_Drop function to better handle Lost Episodes differentiation
    -- Added check to spawn pistol on clip drop if the player doesn't have it
    -- Replaces Shotgun[] array with Weapons[]
    -- Reworked CheckMachineGun function as CheckWolfWeapons to allow checks of all weapon types with CheckWolfWeapon function
    -- Added user_lost var to base WolfEnemy actor
    -- Added line to each Lost Episodes actor to set user_lost to 1

2013-05-18 / 17:08:35 - Revision 86:

  • Tweaked Boss actor definitions

2013-05-11 / 15:37:31 - Revision 85:

  • Added W_VictorySetup script that sets up camera, interpolation points, BJ runner, etc. for the run-and-jump victory sequence. Still activated by calling W_DoFinale(1) in ACS or on a line.
  • Added BJVictory actor that can be placed in maps that automatically calls W_VictorySetup, aligned with the angle of the actor.
  • Gore pools actually allow health up to 11, not 10

2013-05-08 / 23:11:46 - Revision 84:

  • Tweaked A_Drop function to account for angle if passed as an argument and to allow other base actors to be dropped
  • Cleaned up some unused variables
  • Added correct frame to breathing animation that was lost in the Activision Wolf3D release
  • Fixed timing of intermission screen breathing animation
  • Tweaker Mecha Hitler to use A_Drop instead of custom missile
  • Added missing A_BossDeath to Hitler templates
  • Added custom DeathCam actor to serve as camera point for deathcam
  • Cleaned up Language.txt
  • Removed broken cast call (replaced with BJ jumping, for now)

2013-04-20 / 21:59:39 - Revision 83:

  • Tweak delay time after each slide of finales to keep slides from being skipped
  • Change default map icon to TNT1A0 instead of UNKNA0
  • Tweaked 'Dead' state for spectres to avoid looping crash when finale kicked off

2013-04-20 / 21:00:35 - Revision 82:

  • Fixed SoD finale after recent update

2013-04-20 / 12:30:23 - Revision 81:

  • Updated "deathmatch" cvar checks to use GameType() instead
  • Simplified logic for DropItem actor script (array-based instead of hard-coded item logic)
  • Re-worked finale scripts to utilize StrParam and logic instead of hard-coded strings
  • Fully added dropped versions of knife and pistol
  • Added map icon definitions for Prisoner variants
  • Fixed an ACS_Execute that was missed when converting to named scripts
  • Re-worked DeathCam scripts to more accurately emulate original behavior
  • Updated default .cfg value of map marker scale cvar
  • Added some randomization to Prisoner actor states and bot weapon states to make them more realistic
  • Added map marker code for player
  • Updated end episode screens to use hud message clip areas instead of hard-coding in line breaks in Language.txt
  • Removed hardcoded line breaks in Language.txt

2013-01-26 / 22:35:30 - Revision 80:

  • Added TID check to actor alert script to fix friendly actors that wouldn't actually wake
  • Re-added HUDFONT_DOOM font definition and images for alt hud health numbers

2013-01-22 / 20:14:43 - Revision 79:

  • Added custom map markers for all TC actors
  • Added g_mapmarkers cvar to enable/disable map markers
  • Added g_mapmarkerscale cvar to change map marker size
  • Began converting some inventory item markers to actor user vars
  • Converted all items/decorations/etc. to use base WolfDecoration/WolfScoreItem/etc. classes to allow base changes that affect all items of that class

2012-11-24 / 19:10:27 - Revision 78:

  • Fixed typo in next map for SOD19 in MapInfo.txt

2012-11-19 / 19:56:12 - Revision 77:

  • Updated Map2Wad with code to draw correct wall textures behind doors that open directly to a wall Tile
  • Reconverted all maps with updated Map2Wad

2012-11-15 / 23:06:20 - Revision 76:

  • Fixed difficulty replacements for Devil Incarnate

2012-11-13 / 13:13:59 - Revision 75:

  • Fixed fullscreen hud score display (was pointing to the wrong global variable after re-write to use built-in score items)

2012-11-11 / 23:12:50 - Revision 74:

  • Updated Textures.txt in Resources file to correct machine gun frame sprite definitions

2012-11-10 / 15:47:51 - Revision 73:

  • Re-uploaded fixed resource file

2012-11-10 / 15:40:33 - Revision 72:

  • Updated Textures.txt in Wolf3D_Resources.pk3; fixed incorrect names for Lost Episodes health pickup sprites.

2012-11-07 / 19:18:33 - Revision 71:

  • Removed duplicated code in Lost Episode key definitions
  • Added WolfChaingunSoD to slot 4 weapons list

2012-11-05 / 11:30:48 - Revision 70:

  • Converted Lost Episode keys to proper key definitions so that they show up in the automap
  • Adjusted door ACS code, LockDefs.txt and SBarInfo.txt for new keys

2012-11-05 / 11:13:45 - Revision 69:

  • Fixed incorrect DoomEdNum on Dr. Schabbs

2012-11-04 / 22:04:37 - Revision 68:

  • Fixed mis-defined Lost Episodes silver key replacement item

2012-11-04 / 21:26:07 - Revision 67:

  • Updated template for standard guard; error in pain definition caused Lost Episodes guards to revert to looking like regular guards after you hurt them

2012-11-04 / 20:04:11 - Revision 66:

  • Updated GAMEINFO that I missed for new resource file name

2012-11-04 / 19:45:37 - Revision 65:

  • Added code to highlight secret walls if 'g_highlightsecrets' is set
  • Added 'HIGHLITE' texture definition
  • Removed incorrect attack sound in Death Knight definition
  • Updated Mutant definition to remove duplicate BRIGHT tags on frames
  • Changed Wolf3D_Resources file to a .pk3 and updated all GAMEINFO files
    -- This was causing lag issues because the .pk7 was not being processed fast enough to keep up with the game

2012-11-04 / 10:00:49 - Revision 64:

  • Fixed ceiling color change code that was missed when levels were renumbered for consolidated TC

2012-11-04 / 09:46:08 - Revision 63:

  • Added checks to door scripts to play the correct sound when playing Lost Episodes
  • Updated/Cleaned up SndInfo.txt in the resources file
  • Updated old sound names to more useful aliases (e.g., bos8/sight to fatface/sight)
  • Added properly defined switch/elevator sounds to AnimDefs.txt for all game types

2012-11-03 / 16:25:56 - Revision 62:

  • Streamlined some scripts/decorate definitions

2012-11-03 / 14:47:32 - Revision 61:

  • Removed old SndInfo.txt file that could cause missing sounds when loading .pk7 files in a certain order

2012-11-01 / 20:33:42 - Revision 60:

  • Corrected issue in Map2Wad with dead guard objects not being converted
  • Reconverted all levels with updated MapToWad.exe
  • Cleaned up redundant specialaction tags in MapInfo.txt
  • Fixed Typo in MapInfo.txt - DeathIncarnate -> DevilIncarnate

2012-11-01 / 20:09:11 - Revision 59:

  • Really updated Distribution/ with the new .bat files this time

2012-11-01 / 19:26:02 - Revision 58:

  • Updated distribution copy (fixed Consolidated TC.bat files)

2012-11-01 / 19:21:04 - Revision 57:

  • Updated distribution copy

2012-11-01 / 19:20:15 - Revision 56:

  • Added .bat files to launch Consolidated TC

2012-11-01 / 19:12:02 - Revision 55:

  • Added color parameter to PrintMessage script
  • Sped up Get Psyched status bar
  • Re-worked message window code to allow arrays of info for fonts
  • Tagged all non-solid items with -SOLID instead of just height 0. This allows pushwalls to pass over them
  • Hid 'notarget' toggle code in weapons (not really used anyway)
  • Re-converted small font from source, replaced old small font
  • Removed unused font entried from FontDefs.txt
  • Set up Wolf3D_Resources.pk7 as an IWAD so that Wolf3D_Common.pk7 can point to it and load the consolidated TC
  • Added a few game strings since the new small font has mixed case, and the zdoom strings are all lowercase
  • Updated value color to light grey to dhow better contrast
  • Updated option menuline spacing and Player Setup screen spacing/title font color
  • Added CompleteBorder to SBarInfo.txt and raised height by one to show map title properly
  • Separated Doom replacement Decorate items into Replacements.txt
  • Added ROTT message window style

2012-10-18 / 22:00:32 - Revision 54:

  • Updated new message code to allow multiple cheat activations without the player moving to clear the message between presses
  • Updated the KeyConf.txt setup for Wolf-style cheat codes to always execute

2012-10-15 / 21:10:38 - Revision 53:

  • Cleaned up deleted items from repository

2012-10-15 / 21:10:06 - Revision 52:

  • Cleaned up deleted items from repository

2012-10-15 / 21:07:53 - Revision 51:

  • Updated Resetweapons function to account for Lost Episodes and SoD
  • Added Lost_Game_Marker Inventory Checks in ACS
  • Added handling for consolidated TCwith all maps/graphics/levels if Wolf3D_Common.pk7 is run by itself
  • Updated .bat files for new data file layout
  • corrected typo in .cfg files (g_momentum vs. g_nomomentum)
  • Added 'Strength' powerup face
  • Updated Lost Episodes Robot decorate to launch Lost Episodes rockets
  • Added Alert and Dead states to Pac-man ghosts so Freeze script works properly
  • Updated player sprites with better translatable range
  • Added Lost Episodes switches to AnimDefs.txt
  • Added line breaks in SoD Episode names
  • Added default mapinfo information to main .pk7
  • Fixed MapToWad.exe error with secret door line sector assignments
  • Re-converted all maps
  • Added Wolf3D-specific Options menu (exposed existing CVars)
  • Cleaned up SBarInfo.txt
  • Moved Textures.txt definitions for flats to main .pk7

2012-10-13 / 12:06:58 - Revision 50:

  • Renumbered levelnums in consolidated MAPINFO.txt
  • Added ACS code in level number check to account for new numbering scheme
  • Added 'Dead' state to SoD Spectre Template to make sure they can be frozen via the new ACS freeze code
  • Updated incorrect doomednums for some Spear items/enemies
  • Consolidated all maps into main .pk7
  • Renamed game-specific files (e.g. GameInfo.SoD.txt instead of just GameInfo.txt)

2012-10-11 / 22:27:24 - Revision 49:

  • Re-did large and small font lumps to correct line spacing
  • Consolidated all SoD/Lost language strings into the main Wolf3D Language.txt
  • Consolidated SBarInfo.txt. No more animated God face in original Wolf, but it's there in other mapsets
  • Consolidated all MAPINFO.txt files (the ones in the game .pk7s now only define the appropriate player class and episode(s) for that mapset)
  • Updated .bat files for new file structure
  • Updated MapToWad.exe to account for SoD and Lost Episodes textures and items
  • Re-converted all maps with new version of maptowad tool
  • Massive re-org of resource .pk3.
    -- Separated all assets from the original game into Wolf3D_Resources.pk7 and all TC game content in the Wolf3D_Common.pk7 file
    -- The Wolf3D.pk7, SoD.pk7, etc. files basically act as launchers and contain the maps
    -- Also re-ripped/renamed all assets and consolidated Wolf, SoD, and Lost assets into the Resources file
  • Updated Textures.txt for all Lost Episodes Textures/Sprites
  • Added Decorate code for all Lost Episodes Enemies/Items
  • Back-ported Gez's SNDINFO and re-ripped sounds
  • Updated GameInfo.txt files to accommodate new file structure
  • Renamed SoD graphics that were the same name as the wolf counterparts, added custom menudef for Spear Episodes
  • Removed Doom Keys, added items to give Wolf Keys on pickup

2012-10-11 / 22:10:55 - Revision 48:

  • Re-did large and small font lumps to correct line spacing
  • Consolidated all SoD/Lost language strings into the main Wolf3D Language.txt
  • Consolidated SBarInfo.txt. No more animated God face in original Wolf, but it's there in other mapsets
  • Consolidated all MAPINFO.txt files (the ones in the game .pk7s now only define the appropriate player class and episode(s) for that mapset)

2012-10-11 / 22:07:33 - Revision 47:

  • Added ACS drawing routines for Wolf-style on-screen messages (ILM cheat, God/Tab-I, etc.)
  • Changed 'Freeze' ACS command to a script that sets actors to a "Freeze" state instead of using the TimeFreeze command

2012-09-16 / 21:44:00 - Revision 46:

  • Reorganized ACS scripts into more separate files
  • Converted all scripts to named scripts
  • Added script/check for 'g_fastfireballs' cvar that enables faster fireballs from the HitlerGhost enemies
  • Added 'Invisible' state to base WolfEnemy actor that allows enemies to be frozen/hidden during deathcam sequences
  • Updated damagecolor for player to red with 1.0 saturation
  • Moved flamethrower shot to projectiles.txt
  • Added properly defined icons for weapons
  • Fixed non-escaped quote in EP3 ending sequence text
  • Externalized Deathcam text to Language.txt
  • Moved TITLEMAP.wad scripts to wolf3d_introduction.acs
  • Updated SBarInfo.txt to draw weapon icons instead of being hardcoded to wolf weapons
  • Re-consolidated SoD and Wolf3D SBarInfo.txt files by adding checks for the GAME_SOD item.
  • Added TrueWhite text color
  • Updated SoD MAPINFO.txt to define special action for Angel of Death death instead of hard-coding the end sequence activation

2012-09-09 / 19:25:53 - Revision 45:

  • Cleaned up unused .acs files
  • Changed Doom replacement weapon items to WeaponGivers
  • Restored Hans Grosse's accuracy and the other Grosse's lack thereof
  • Made Prisoner actor more realistic, added Flamethrower and RocketLauncher checks to it
  • Backported Gez's secret level DeathScream script
  • Updated most actors timing animations based on original tic framerate from Wolf source
  • Added dual chaingun weapon for custom maps
  • Updated TITLEMAP.wad text color definitions
  • Removed checks for doom versions of weapons in SBarInfo.txt
  • Re-added Angel of death breathe sound in code, changed decorate to be more accurate to original
  • Fixed Death Knight frame definition error in Sod textures.txt

2012-07-22 / 13:47:52 - Revision 44:

  • Generalized Enemy definitions (uses "####" for sprites, allows sub-classes to be defined with first sprite in spawn state used for set - see enemies/basic.txt)

2012-06-03 / 15:13:15 - Revision 43:

  • Converted score to use ZDoom's internal score items, based on Gez's changes
  • Updated .bat files to allow drag and drop (included logic to load a Doom IWAD as a resource automatically if a PWAD is loaded)
  • Updated SoD Textures.txt to match Wolf3D one - ceiling colors were still palletized instead of RGB

2012-06-03 / 12:51:26 - Revision 42:

  • Initial backport of a few of Gez's changes:
    -- Changed titlemap check to use GameType instead of levelnum
    -- Re-added bloodcolors for mutants
    -- Removed sniping from all but SS and Hans Grosse
    -- Fixed missing semicolons in Language.txt
    -- Fixed NZ3F texture definition
  • Re-added Aardwolf image
  • Restored ClearInventory/ResetWeapons calls on respawn
  • Added check for Z-Velocity so that ledge drop-offs in PWADs actually happen, and don't leave you drifting in air if you hold down a movement key

2012-06-01 / 21:32:58 - Revision 41:

  • Updated some movement code to allow enemies to A_Warp their way through obstacle items and through sides of walls at 45 degrees. This fixes the issues that were occurring when they were noclipping though the walls and into infinity
  • Removed activation of MCROSS lines from Dogs in enemies.txt

2012-06-01 / 20:34:17 - Revision 40:

  • Added check for INPUT_SIDEMOVE to momentum removing code

2012-06-01 / 19:44:44 - Revision 39:

  • Updated the 'kill all momentum' movement code to account for mouse/gamepad movement
  • Renamed main menu title graphic so that if a Legacy PWAD that replaced the Options graphic is loaded, it doesn't get overwritten
  • Updated MenuDef.txt for new 'Option' title image name
  • Fixed missing 'disableouch' in standard Wolf3D SBarInfo.txt

2012-05-31 / 22:12:04 - Revision 38:

  • Added g_maxpushwallmove CVAR to control pushwall max move distance (defaults to 2 Wolf3D blocks if not defined)
  • Updated .cfg files to define new CVAR
  • Moved some common sounds to the Common .pk3
  • Remapped items that show up in Doom to translate properly into WolfenDoom maps

2012-05-27 / 15:07:02 - Revision 37:

  • Minor tweaks to core gameplay loop
  • Created generalized WolfBoss type so that boss decorate definitions can inherit and have less identical info
  • Added 'Active' item to the players.txt definition so that multiplayer respawned players don't trigger patrol points
  • Standardized some weapon definitions
  • Fixed error in Episode 5 endgame text
  • Updated 'Spear of Destiny' item that replaces megasphere in pwads
  • Added SoD Textures.txt definitions for silver key door textures
  • Cleaned up comments in MapInfo.txt
  • Added non-SoD SBarInfo.txt that removes the ouch face

2012-05-20 / 14:44:30 - Revision 36:

  • Fixed player run speed that was accidentally left doubled.
  • Overall speed increased to 1.3x older builds (feels closer to original play speed to me)

2012-05-20 / 14:04:45 - Revision 35:

  • Fixed SVN errors... Some SoD files were not version controlled

2012-05-20 / 13:28:39 - Revision 34:

  • Updated MapToWad tool again to fix the secrets counting bug
  • Added MapToWad.exe to repository (under exe directory)

2012-05-17 / 22:14:43 - Revision 33:

  • Re-converted all maps to fix secrets that weren't being counted (I think - changed some flags) and removed 'holding area' that was used for intermissions before I rewrote the code to use GetPlayerInput
  • Deleted duplicate SoD ENDOOM.rsd file

2012-05-17 / 20:48:00 - Revision 32:

  • Added SoD ENDOOM screen
  • Cleaned up SVN Repository

2012-05-17 / 19:51:11 - Revision 31:

  • Reworked how SoD is marked as the current game (uses inventory marker given to new SoD player class). This allows removal of g_sod CVAR checks
  • Set up each game with proper gameinfo lump so that games can be run by dropping the main file on ZDoom (SoD.pk7, Wolf3D.pk7, SoD_Lost.pk7, or SoD_Lost2.pk7). Not perfect, since some cosmetic .cfg settings don't get run, but it works.
  • Redid SoD end sequence with GetPlayerInput-based advancing of screens
  • Updated FadetoBlack function to accept range (all players or just current) - needed for synchronizing end sequences when the scripts are not run by the player.
  • Updated launcher .bat files to accomodate new gamefile structure
  • Updated flamethrower animation frames to be more accurate
  • Added new CONFONT.lmp with a new more characters defined
  • Added 'built' ENDPICs that use Language.txt strings and graphical bits to create the end pages
  • Added 'pg x of y' section to end pic screens
  • Removed playerclass definition from KeyConf.txt
  • Updated key names in Language.txt from yellow/blue to gold/silver
  • Updated titlemap for new SoD game check
  • updated MenuDef.txt files to no longer have all of the definitions, just the ones that are changed
  • Updated all map conversions to no longer include the recess for the sliding doors (not needed anymore with new polyobject code), and allows secret doors to slide through where the door recess would have been
  • Added End title colors to Textcolors.txt
  • Updated ceiling color translations to RGB instead of palette indexes
  • Added new WOLFFNTS.lmp with correct offsets (2px on top)
  • Renumbered SoD-unique items so that they don't overlap with Wolf items
  • Added graphic files for end pic borders
  • Updated SoD MenuDef.txt

2012-05-05 / 09:57:18 - Revision 30:

  • Updated launching .bat files for new file structure
  • Updated thing color on automap to make them less obtrusive when shown
  • Added Spear of Destiny strings to Language.txt and replaced hardcoded value in decorate code
  • Created new Distribution folder to hold most recent compiled versions of TC
  • Consolidated old episode .pk3 files into main .pk7

2012-05-02 / 00:50:13 - Revision 29:

  • Added Textures.txt for SoD that specifies mappings to generic numbered sprites. Allows play of other mapsets with proper export procedures.
  • Added SndInfo.txt for SoD that maps sounds to generic numbered sounds.
  • Play-tested Lost Episodes .pk7 with this setup in place
  • Bumped version number in TITLEMAP

2012-04-29 / 21:56:18 - Revision 28:

  • Cleaned up deleted files from SVN

2012-04-29 / 21:53:13 - Revision 27:

  • Updated SoD Textures.txt to point to raw dumped graphics instead of stored .PNG files.
  • Replaced most SoD .PNG files with dumped graphics
  • Added Spear of Destiny powerup that appears in non-Wolf levels in place of the double-barrel shotgun
  • Updated SoD MenuDef.txt to properly display with SoD graphics
  • Fixed SoD Map 18 to Map 21 transition. Now is seamless for Player 1.
  • Updated level intermissions to properly freeze enemies until after the 'Get Psyched' screen is done
  • Added SoD Ceiling color patch translations

2012-04-29 / 13:32:43 - Revision 26:

  • Added SoD files to svn site
  • Added g_momentum CVAR to enable/disable momentum when the player moves. Updated .cfg files as appropriate. Momentum is disabled (Wolf3D-style movement) by default.
  • Fixed level transition errors that occurred with SoD
  • Updated SoD Maps with latest conversions
  • Changed SoD mapname format from E7Mx to SODxx

2012-04-28 / 16:54:12 - Revision 25:

  • Changed handling of intermission key presses to use actual key presses instead of teleporting the player to a room of map triggers
  • Cleaned up ACS code
  • Added Doom enemy replacement actors to better enable playing stock maps with the TC (including translations from cyan shades to grey instead of green)
  • Fixed typo in flamethrower pickup message in Language.txt
  • Fixed glitch with drawing of frag count icons in SBarInfo.txt
  • Added Wolf3d-style pickup icon for berserk pack

2012-02-11 / 11:53:13 - Revision 24:

  • Updated code for most recent ZDoom svn version (3354)
  • Old update: modified patrol point code so that the actors react more intelligently when patrolling (and don't jump across the floor if you gt in their way)

2011-04-05 / 21:43:28 - Revision 23:

  • Added inventory item check so that patrol points don't activate after an enemy has a target
  • Added secret walls map color and changed non-pickup item color to be less obtrusive
  • Fixed error in Textures.txt Brown Nazi sprite definition

2011-04-05 / 20:32:08 - Revision 22:

  • Added patrol point items and scripts
  • Updated patrolling enemy decorate to move in straight lines
  • Added check for g_infinitepushwalls to allow pushwall debugging (always allow multiple activations)
  • Added default map colors to configs
  • Reconverted all maps so that they include patrol points

2011-03-27 / 22:09:43 - Revision 21:

  • Updated ACS code with Gilles' method for detecting if a polyobject is trying to move outside of the map
  • Added Decorate helper items for code above
  • Fixed bug in coordinate-rounding script function
  • Fixed offset on missile smoke trail
  • Moved skill names to Language.txt
  • Renamed all maps to ExLy instead of ExMy to avoid IWAD detection conflicts
  • Updated all maps with updated conversion tool - fixed issues with secret doors next to regular doors and with regular doors next to other regular doors
  • Added new 'inside of cell door' image (NZ05AR.PNG)

2011-03-26 / 16:19:04 - Revision 20:

  • Added hook script to svn to update changelog file on commit

2011-03-26 / 15:10:36 - Revision 19:

  • Added SVN log file

2011-03-26 / 14:24:03 - Revision 18:

  • Minor updates to player definition
  • Added blank 64x64 image as base for floor/ceiling textures
  • Updated Textures.txt
  • Began reorganizing ACS code

2011-03-10 / 19:52:03 - Revision 17:

  • Added proper error message fail if header files aren't found with a vgagraph file loaded
  • Merged in Gez's A_WolfAttack patch to my .exe
  • Added code for menumusic to my .exe (patch in exe folder)
  • Updated enemies.txt with A_WolfAttack
  • Added startup colors to GameInfo.txt
  • Added menumusic entry to mapinfo (gameinfo section)
  • Updated mapinfo to name maps EXLX instead of EXMX to avoid identifying as Doom Shareware when run as an iwad
  • Played with god mode graphics (Textures.txt)
  • added E1 maps and sounds to the pk3 folder

2011-03-04 / 21:35:13 - Revision 16:

    Updated exe/Readme.txt with more useful information

2011-02-20 / 21:57:08 - Revision 15:

  • Fixed loading of vga graphics... kind of a kludge for now, but works
  • Re-added bullet puff images
  • Fixed some issues with random damage in wolflib.acs
  • Minor tweaking of skills menu in MenuDef.txt
  • Played with externalizing some variables from ACS to player definitions
  • Updated Save/Load game menus with title images

2011-02-15 / 22:48:10 - Revision 14:

  • Fixed issue with player being frozen on load of a saved game
  • Fixed issue of weapons being drawn too low on fullscreen HUD
  • Fixed timing on menu cursor
  • Added mouse cursor (Cursor.PNG)
  • Added new HUD icons for flamethrower and rocketlauncher
  • Separated SoD and Wolf exit messages, set in MapInfo.txt
  • Added handling for extra images in Shareware to still be usable, but not interfere with Textures.txt lump.
  • Added new text color to tweak menu color to be more accurate
  • Set new menu colors and added images to laod and save screens
  • Changed Offsets of Pause image to center on 320x200 screens
  • Added Menu back image for mouse users

2011-02-15 / 17:38:10 - Revision 13:

  • Fixed issue with drawthrough on Get Psyched screen when screenblocks was equal to 10
  • Added some case switching to account for differences in the number of lumps in the Shareware versus the full version of Wolf (Provisional code for Blake in place)
  • Removed Ultimate Doom IWAD placeholder files (no longer necessary since MenuDef.txt overrides built-in menus)
  • Added MAP01 placeholder so that .pk3 will still be recognized as an IWAD
  • Added Textures.txt definitions for Floor, Ceiling, AUTOPAGE, and screen border background images (translations of a wall texture from VSWAP).
  • Removed all associated .png files for above images images

2011-02-14 / 18:00:06 - Revision 12:

  • Added MenuDef.txt for more exact replica menus
  • Redefined cursor animation
  • Removed old menu screen rips
  • Added menu background border images
  • Changed episode titles to Language.txt strings
  • Updated Textures.txt to build menu screen backgrounds
  • Defined some new colors for menus
  • Changed how 'Get Psyched' status bar draws to eliminate needing specialized graphic files

2011-02-13 / 15:41:29 - Revision 11:

  • Additional Textures.txt definitions
  • Added FontDefs.txt entry for status bar font
  • Removed pre-compiled status bar font (WOLFNUM.lmp)

2011-02-13 / 15:04:22 - Revision 10:

  • Updated palette file to proper file
  • Cleaned up and added comments to new source files
  • Fixed parsing/rendering issues with VGA Graphics

2011-02-12 / 19:40:11 - Revision 9:

  • Updated vga texture source file - still trying to figure out what the extra garbage pixels at the end of the vga graphics are.
  • Added a generic background for warning page in title sequence

2011-02-06 / 16:50:52 - Revision 8:

    New TEXTURES, eliminted .png files...

2011-02-05 / 17:14:39 - Revision 7:

    Updated exe folder with source to support both VSAP and VGAGRAPH graphics files.

2011-02-03 / 20:47:55 - Revision 6:

    Removed build batch files and compiled .pk3s from svn...

2011-02-03 / 20:44:50 - Revision 5:

    Cleaned up file naming conventions...

2011-02-03 / 18:51:58 - Revision 4:

    Added .exe and .diff for ZDoom version that can load VSWAP files as archives and use the textures/sprites.

2011-02-03 / 18:24:44 - Revision 3:

    2011-02-03 / 18:21:23 - Revision 2:

      2011-02-02 / 22:35:58 - Revision 1:

        3/26/2011 - Converted to SVN changelog feed for updates

        3/28/2010 - New version of TC uploaded!

        • Fixed conversion errors with secret walls that were placed directly next to doors
        • Added support for multi-push secret walls in GZDoom
        • Added mask image so that the sides of the screen are black during intermissions/loading in widescreen
        • Added some new items that make playing PWADs (or original Doom/Doom2 levels) with the TC more fun
          -- Nazi Uniform (Replaces Blur Sphere)
          --- Put on this SS uniform, and you won't be targeted by any enemies (unless you open fire!)
          -- Adrenaline Booster (Replaces Berserk Pack)
          --- Increases the rate of fire of your pistol and your knife's stabbing speed and strength
          -- Ballistic Vest (Replaces Double-Barrel Shotgun)
          --- Body armor that protects you from small arms fire
          -- Ammo Pouch (Replaces Backpack)
          --- Each pickup increases your bullet-carrying capacity by 25 (up to 199 max)
          -- Treasure Spawner (Replaces Armor Bonus)
          --- Spawns random treasure item... (weighted so lower-value are more common)
          -- Nazi Spawner (Replaces Wolfenstein SS)
          --- Spawns random guard-type Nazi... (weighted so lower-end Nazis are more common)
        • Updated MAPINFO to use specialaction parameters for leves that end on boss deaths
          -- Removed hard-coded endgame sequences from enemy actor's decorate
        • Working on modified version of Michael Liebscher (of Wolfenstein 3D-Redux fame)'s Wolfextractor.exe
          -- Plan is to allow end-user to pick game to convert from the Wolf3D games that they own
          -- 90% complete... But the generated .pk3 is ~10Mb!
          -- If anyone can help with C code that will generate .pngs instead of .tgas, please let me know!


        • Uploaded another new version of the conversion tool
          -- Removed previous addition because it broke things
          -- Added experimental 'edge' conversion type (i.e. '-format edge' at command line)
          --- Creates Doom format map, but populated with my TC's Thing IDs
          -- Fixed exit and secret exit conversions for Doom/Edge game types


        • Uploaded new version of conversion tool
          -- Includes the '-noupperpanels' parameter for Doom format


        • Re-did life tracking system to work better in multiplayer
        • Added functions in ACS to freeze all players during intermissions
        • Re-worked enemy death point giving system to work in multiplayer
        • Converted status bar from ACS to SBARINFO
        • Many small additions to conversion tool
          -- Reworked conversion tool to use correct tiles for E/W walls (as in the original game)
          -- Added code in conversion tool to assign enemy actors a TID corresponding to their original floor type
          --- This allows an ACS script to alert/wake all enemies that were on the same floor type, recreating original game behavior
          -- Added code for doors to not block sound between rooms that had the same floor type
        • Re-converted all maps with new version of conversion tool


        • Enemy Bugfixes
          -- Fixed typo in Trans Grosse's firing frames
          -- Slowed down Barnacle Wilhelm's walking frames
          -- Slowed down Ubermutant's firing frames
          -- Sped up Death Knight's rockets
          -- Added +LOOKALLAROUND and +AMBUSH flag to all bosses that were missing them
          -- Added missing sounds
          -- Fixed Spectre interpolation and respawn effect
        • Fixed Angel of Death fireballs
          -- Sped them up, added explosion damage
        • Intermission code Bugfixes
          -- Rewrote code that was supposed to skip intermission after SoD map 18 so that it works properly
          -- Changed finale sequence of SoD to include correct music and 'You Win!' screen
        • Reworked knife weapon
          -- Positioning of the sprites was incorrect
          -- Tried to fix issues with random pauses when you repetitively fire with mouse... There are no pauses if you use the keyboard to repeatedly fire.


        • New bugfixes:
          -- Fixed intermission screen to allow keypress to jump to totals, then another to move to next map
          -- No more Doom dance for SoD bosses
          -- Increased SoD Boss Mass
          -- Added pause to SoD Boss death states to allow time to say line
          -- Modified SoD boss Speeds, Interpolations, Firing sounds, Firing patterns, etc.
          -- Replaced a few sounds
          -- Gaining a life due to points replenished health/ammo and shouldn't have - maybe in deathmatch only?
        • Added ranged attacks...
          -- The farther away an enemy is, the lower the damage of their shots, and the wider the spread
          -- Bosses and SS are more accurate than all others, per Wolf3D source
          -- Damage is more randomized, just as in the original game (same 'random' table)
        • Player weapons are slightly less accurate
          -- Added minor spread to each weapon...
        • Implemented difficulty levels
          -- Bosses and some enemies have different amounts of hit points at different skill levels


        • Uploaded some minor fixes for new SVN changes
          -- Screen fades in transitions now work in GZDoom and with new ZDoom 2D rendering code
          -- Utilized SBARINFO to eliminate dummy blank images used to mask Doom hud
        • Uploaded most recent ACS source


        • Uploaded new version of coop/dm dupport code
          -- Fixed respawn/dying issues (I think)
        • Fixed glitch in status bar face when in god mode


        • Uploaded testing version of dm/coop support code
          -- All Episode 1 maps have coop starts
          -- E1M1 has deathmatch starts and deathmatch-only areas/weapons
        • Added Flamethrower and Rocket Launcher for Deathmatch
          -- If anyone has the Mac version pickup sprites ripped cleanly that they can give me, I'd appreciate it.
          -- Right now they're coded to be taken away in single-player mode


        • Fixed problem with player being able to fire weapon during intermission
        • Semi-added deathcam support
        • Optimized status bar code (cut overall size down by 0.5KB or so)
        • Split ACS library into multiple files for easier editing
          -- Pulled weapon name/ammo type/icon arrays into separate file to make adding new weapons easier
        • Removed separate link to episodes 2-6. Main download has all 6 original episodes